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Andrew Jackson Hotel

Swinging jazz clubs, world-class restaurants and the entangled history of the French Quarter illuminate your stay at Andrew Jackson Hotel. Discover all that New Orleans has to offer with our local guide.

Say What? New Orleans Lingo - Know Before You Go

If you’re planning to make a visit to New Orleans, then you’re in for a real treat. There is no other city that is quite as unique and vibrant as the Big Easy; from the people to the architecture and the vast array of eclectic entertainment options that you’ll discover at every turn. Another element of NOLA that possesses its own special charm is the language. New Orleans natives and self-made locals speak a whole different vocabulary that can make you feel like it’s a foreign language.

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How To Beat the Heat on a New Orleans Vacation

There’s no place that can match the magic and romance of New Orleans, but if you’re traveling to the Big Easy during the summer, it can get hot and steamy (which isn’t always a good thing)! Lucky for you, NOLA is packed with possibilities for all sorts of fun, including many attractions that keep you nice and cool while you explore.

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COVID-19 Protocols


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Haunted Happenings at the Andrew Jackson Hotel


New Orleans’s storied past is full of history, culture, and ghostly tales; and some of the eeriest events can be found in NOLA’s unique hotels. 

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Magazine Street Guide

Stretching an astounding six miles long as it winds through the city, Magazine Street is a destination unto itself. You can easily spend a day (or days) traversing this amazing thoroughfare and still barely make a dent in seeing everything it has to offer. Luckily, we’ve put together a comprehensive Magazine Street itinerary as a handy guide to some of the street’s best bars, boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and more, so you can spend less time looking up places to visit and more time enjoying the endlessly fun Magazine Street!

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It's Gumbo Season!

Gumbo is consumed year-round in Louisiana, but it really hits the spot when the temperatures are a little cooler. Made of a mix of protein, whether from the sea or land, a thick roux, and the “holy trinity” of all Louisiana cuisine – celery, bell pepper and onion – many compare gumbo’s mix of ingredients to the complexity of the south.

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What to Pack for Your Winter Trip to New Orleans

Lots of folks visit New Orleans in the summertime, and they’re quick to tell you how hot and humid it can be. However, outsiders seldom hear about what the winter weather is like in the Big Easy.

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Guide to New Orleans' Frenchmen Street

Bourbon Street isn’t the only major street for nightlife in New Orleans -- Frenchmen Street located just outside the Quarter in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood is a great option for visitors looking for live music, restaurants and an eclectic mix of street performers.

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Celebrities with Homes in New Orleans

New Orleans is a magical city, unlike any other in the U.S. It leaves an impression on those who pass through it and many return to call New Orleans home. (Actor Nicolas Cage went as far as to buy his eventual resting place in St. Louis Cemetery #1). Here’s a look at New Orleans locals and transplants who all have a home in the Big Easy.

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Café Au Lait & Beignets: A New Orleans Treat

Beignets paired with café au lait (pronounced "o-LAY") is specific to New Orleans, and made a Nola staple at Café du Monde. Not really sure about what it’s all about? Here’s some background on the chicory in your coffee or why a beignet at 3 a.m. is the perfect sugary treat.

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Most Haunted Spots in the Quarter

Here at Andrew Jackson Hotel, we're no strangers to paranormal activity. In fact, Andrew Jackson Hotel is regularly named one of the most haunted spots in New Orleans.


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